mardi 7 mars 2006

Terrorist sniper training

7 Duties of a Sniper:

1. Target enemy snipers and surveillanc teams :
• learned this lesson in Fallujah, where mujahideen were handicapped more by U.S. Marine snipers than by air raids or other artillery and cover fire.

2. Target commanders, officers, and pilots, “that is to target the head of the snake and then handicap the command of the enemy.” :
• the replacement of officers and commanders is expensive for the enemy, since it may take two to four years and cost “more than $500,000” to put someone through “the famous West Point college."

3. Assist teams of mujahideen infantry with suppressive fire. These groups may include RPG brigades or surveillance teams.

4. Target U.S Special Force :
• “they are very stupid because they have a ‘Rambo complex’, thinking that they are the best in the world; don’t be arrogant like them.”

6. Take care when targeting one or two U.S. Soldiers or [Iraqi] agents on a roadside.
• “a team of American snipers [may be] waiting for you. They [may be] waiting for you to kill one of those agents and then they will know your location and they will kill you.”

5. Engage specialty targets like communication officers to prevent calls for reinforcements. Likewise, tank crews, artillery crews, engineers, doctors, and chaplains be fair targets.
•a tank driver was shot while crossing a bridge, resulting in the tank rolling off the bridge and killing the rest of the crew
• killing doctors and chaplains is suggested as a means of psychological warfare.

7. In the event of urban warfare, work from high areas and assist infantry with surrounding the enemy, attacking target instruments and lines of sight on large enemy vehicles, and directing mortar and rocket fire to front-line enemy positions.


Blogger gilemon said...

Wow, c'est chaud ca? D'ou ca vient?

07 avril, 2006 10:31  
Blogger Gibald said...

Je sais plus exactement sur quel site, mais je trouve ça fun !

07 avril, 2006 18:51  

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