dimanche 21 janvier 2007

Hacking tools for Warcraft 3 :


Soft for remove the Fog of War during a B.net game, so your can see all the moving and units of your enemy! But warning, it’s detectable, and if b.net detected you, he can kill your cd-key!


Very funny and easy tool for change your name during a custom game. Change name, color, insert symbol, or scan somebody. It’s detectable too, but may be not so dangerous for your cd-key like MapHack.

It’s not a soft for modify your b.net stats. It’s just for see how many Gold, Wood, Food, Gathered, and Upkeep have all the player in your b.net game. Fast and strong, but it isn’t a musthave tool.

With CDKeyGrabber, you can see the cd-key used of Warcraft 3. So you can steal cd-key of somebody!

The name say all, KeyChanger change your cd-key very fast. U are no oblige to reinstall Warcraft for modify your key!

Cd-Key generator:
For generate key for Warcraft ROC or TFT. Someone can work on b.net

For download all this programs and have informations about, click this link http://www.securegamers.com/shadowfrench